About Us

Hi, I'm Lindsey. I am the owner of Lincoln Loves. I am a mum of two - Lincoln & Addison. I have been married for 10 years to a wonderful supportive husband Adrian and am an oncology (cancer & chemo) nurse by day from Central Queensland, Australia.

In 2017 a friend (Lauren) & I started Boys & Buds. Lauren make pet items and I made cute boys clothing - things we struggled to find at our local markets. 

In 2019, between mum life, work commitments and returning to study, something had to give and Lauren unfortunately had no time left to continue her pet creations. Whilst this is something I tried to maintain on my own, I could not keep up.


Boys & Buds was rebranded and became Lincoln Loves in October 2020.

I wanted to focus on my passion - bringing you little items for your little loves. I decided on the the business name 'Lincoln Loves' as Lincoln, my son, was the inspiration for my making a start in the business world. He often weighs in on what I buy by telling me what fabrics he loves, hence the ''loves" part of the name. Many ask "Now that you have a daughter will you make girls stuff" - I want to continue to focus on boys products because as a mum of a boy I know how hard it is trying to find cute handmade clothing and accessories in a market saturated with girls items. That being said, I do have a small range of girls fabrics and products in "girls" colours. I also offer one specific girls outfit, complete with a top designed by yours truely. Along with clothing, I offer other useful handmade items I have sourced from some amazing Australian small businesses. These products include but are not limited to skincare, shoes, teethers, decor and more. I hope you love all that Lincoln Loves has to offer.

If you are interested in wholesale (handmade clothing & accessories only), please send me a message via instagram or email lincloves@gmail.com

   - Lindsey xx